@codeberg I couldn't help it, I started working on a thing that might help deal with those pesky API spammers!

Created a codeberg account in the process 😉

@codeberg Did a first release just now and added installation instructions to the README, let me know what you think!

@hugot @codeberg
Generally it seems pretty cool, well documented also! Wow.

We will test that on our test instance, and also look for alternative ways of "unlocking" a user (other than PRs).

@ashimokawa @codeberg If you run into any problems while trying it out, let me know on here or file an issue on codeberg. I'm happy to help!

The code base is intentionally small. That being said, adding additional ways to unlock users shouldn't be too hard.

One way would be to add a more generalized HTTP endpoint to verify users. That could then be used by people to create custom solutions that integrate with gitea in their own way. 🤓

@hugot @ashimokawa cool, thank you! Will add some comments in the issue tracker later today.

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