Why does it matter if someone speaks English as a first language or not? I don't think that necessarily influences the quality of the software.

Do you really need the "best" CSV library? I'd say just go with the one that's good enough 😁

I made an theme inspired by Reader View's sepia color palette this week.

I think I love this color palette even more now 😀

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Hey @funkwhale users!
I'm looking for a #hosting #provider based in #europe that is rather cheap (~10€/month) and offers lots of #storage (500GB min) to install #funkwhale on #debian

Can anybody recommend something? Boosts appreciated!

@maximpistos @funkwhale online.net has relatively cheap bare metal offerings. You can get a machine with 1TB HDD storage, 4GB RAM and 2 cores for about 10 euros a month.

@berkes @YlBi Nope, nature isn't a never ending war for space and resources. The way I see it, It's actually more about survival and maintaining balance in order to make that survival sustainable. If we're a part of nature, we're terribly bad citizens of it 🙃 .

As a fun, partially related fact: There are many examples of animals and plants harmoniously working together in order to survive. Like this "toilet plant" for example, that exchanges nectar for fertilizer. youtube.com/watch?v=TwL7K_loRj

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Another day another dollar to the "journalctl -u -f [servicename]" jar

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820ms, 50 KiB


4030ms, 4400 KiB

Also GitLab:

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I want to make a blog just so I can flex on all the billion dollar companies who host their blogs on medium or tumblr

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when you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"

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hygiene • Europe, I am disgusted with you 

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@openrisk@fosstodon.org Causing a lot of disk I/O and having to be very careful about race conditions come to mind 🙃

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And so the Silicon Valley Imperialism takes over e-commerce in the Netherlands: a last stronghold of independent e-commerce in Europe: nltimes.nl/2020/03/10/amazon-l

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Git is planning to switch to SHA-256 soon. This is all great news, but the best thing is the command to convert an existing repo to the new hash. It reads like a shitpost and gets better with each argument:

git convert-repo --to-hash=sha-256 --frobnicate-blobs --climb-subtrees --liability-waiver=none --use-shovels --carbon-offsets

Source: lwn.net/SubscriberLink/811068/

If it runs on docker, it runs on linux in general right? Convert the dockerfile to a bash script and you have an installer 🙃

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